Used for cutting out boxes, folders, and pockets, creasing more complex folds, or perforating, die cutting can help to create many special shapes, curved edges, or bespoke apertures. We are also able to kiss-cut or die-cut partially through a substrate, which is great for self-adhesive labels when required on a sheet. At CM360 Prints LTD, we can now offer a die-cutting service with our new high-performance cutting machine.

Our new machine can cut absolutely any customised shape, up to SRA3 size, on top of cutting incredibly accurately to key lines, fine details and even boarders, leaving a high quality finish which eliminates the cost of purchasing a custom cutting form (traditional die cutting method). With no waste and our die cut stock thickness of up to approx. 350gsm thickness. Thanks to our new machine, you’ll receive a fast service/turnaround, which is quicker than traditional die cutting method (typically 2 days to have specific form produced, plus manual die-cutting time), no issues of a custom cutting form being compromised / damaged and it’s cost effective for short runs and mock-ups.

Can produce:

  • Kiss cut adhesive stickers / labels
  • Kiss cut vinyl decals
  • Product labels
  • Business cards with die-cut areas
  • Gift tags or product tags
  • Materials including self-adhesive vinyl film, fluorescent film, commercial grade reflective film, polyester film.

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The experience was great. I created my hang tags using a template and was able to easily decide what I wanted and how to it would work best. Very simple online tools in Nigeria!

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Our New Graphic Design Service.

Fast Print Design Service. Need a design? Our in-house designers are here to help!